Our Philosophy

Vineyards surrounded by oak and cherry trees. In a word, biodiversity

At an altitude of about 230 meters, on the hill of Santa Giuletta, the Tenuta San Giorgio extends in a single body over about 22 hectares, of which about twenty are old vines, with an average age of 35 years, cultivated in a sustainable manner and with low environmental impact. In the remaining hectares of the estate, it has been decided to preserve the centuries-old oak and cherry tree forest, which is precious and indispensable for the well-being of the land and the ecosystem. A choice in total continuity with the Oltrepò area, characterized by alternating vineyards, arable land, and wooded areas.

Oltrepò Pavese

Around his majesty the Pinot Nero: our vineyards

The lands of Tenuta San Giorgio are home to the most vocated varieties of the area: Pinot Grigio, Croatina, Barbera, Chardonnay and Pinot Nero, the undisputed ruler of the Oltrepò, which covers about half of the estate’s vineyard area. Parcels of different ages, exposures, and with different pedoclimatic conditions are enhanced through micro-vinifications and parcellar agings in order to make the most of the different terroirs and characteristics of every vintage.


Protecting the land and vineyards: a responsibility that requires passion

The vineyards and the nature surrounding the winery are submitted for particular safeguard and attention, with the purpose of making the most of what the soil and the favorable climate of this area can give to the wines. We immediately embarked on the process of organic conversion, and our working approach places the protection of the territory, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, at its core. Each plot of land is followed with great care, carrying out our work in full respect of the ecosystem balance and aimed at enhancing and increasing the biodiversity that characterizes a vineyard with high qualitative potential.


A privileged connection with the vineyard

In addition to the organic conversion process, we immediately pursued a philosophy of safeguarding the territory, reflected in different attentions dedicated to the land. Some practical examples:

  • Re-evaluation and maintenance of the genetics of the old vineyards through massal selection;
  • Use of natural products/methods to combat certain pests (e.g., the ‘sexual confusion’ method to combat the vine moth);
  • Fertilization with organic fertilizer only (cow manure);
  • Adhesion to the BioPass® project (https://www.agronomisata.it/progetto-biopass/) of the Sata Agronomic Studio. It consists of zoning the biodiversity and functional quality of the soils to make them healthier and hospitable in order to have grapes with higher qualitative potential.

The values of a family from the Langhe whose roots have always been in the vineyard

The Oltrepò Pavese is the territory where we can carry on the traditions that have always accompanied us and the passion passed down by our grandparents and our parents. Safeguarding the traditions of the past, but with the help of technologies and modern production processes, we do not neglect any detail related to cultivation and winemaking with the sole aim of enhancing the great product that the soil offers us, always with the utmost respect.


A journey through the Oltrepò and the Langhe.

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