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Pinot Nero

SG ‘67

A powerful Pinot Nero, coming from our oldest vineyard, planted in 1967.

Pinot Nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC
grape variety
100% Pinot Noir
0,75 - 1,5 - 3 - 5 L
production area
Oltrepò Pavese
harvest period
End of August/ Beginning of September
vineyard and land

Vineyard planted in 1967, with South-West exposure and clayey-calcareous soil, with limestone rocks

food pairings

Ideal pairing for stuffed pasta and pasta dishes with meat sauces. Perfect with main courses such as game, roasts or fatty fish. Its freshness also makes it an excellent accompaniment for cured meats and medium-aged cheeses.

organoleptic characteristics

Intense ruby red colour with typical garnet hues. Broad and complex on the nose, it expresses itself with herbaceous and red fruit scents, followed by a delicate spiciness and hints of cocoa and roasted coffee. The palate is enveloping with a range of flavours in perfect harmony with the nose, ranging from ripe red fruits to spices with a balsamic and persistent finish. The tannic texture is dense, yet delicate and silky, well balanced by acidity and a pleasant minerality, which makes this wine harmonious and elegant.

Winemaking and aging

The grapes are de-stemmed but not pressed in order to maintain the grape intact. Subsequently, cold pre-fermentative maceration is done before the alcoholic fermentation, which occurs in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature with short daily pumping overs. Once the fermentation is completed, the wine is racked, and the malolactic fermentation in barriques follows. After about nine months in French oak barriques of different origins, it is further aged for about nine months in a large oak cask. Lastly, the wine rests in the bottle for at least eighteen months before release.

From a clayey-calcareous soil with South-West exposure, our powerful Pinot Nero.

ll Pinot Nero SG ‘67 è ottenuto da un’accurata selezione delle uve provenienti dal nostro vigneto più vecchio, impiantato nel 1967 ed esposto a sud-ovest nella nostra Tenuta a Santa Giuletta. Il suolo è argillo-calcareo, con presenza di rocce calcaree.
Stesso processo di vinificazione e affinamento del V 18, le differenze con questo sono date principalmente dalle opposte esposizioni (sud-ovest e nord-est) e dai diversi terreni.
We could say that SG ‘67 and V 18 are like husband and wife: they live in the same house (the Estate), they do the same things (same vinification process): one comes from Mars and the other from Venus.

The legend of St George as seen by an artist

“According to my view, the representation of the dragon passes through the narration in Indian ink to paper. Wine is sharing, experience, and comparison, and it is in the small space of a label that all this finds voice, thanks to the freehand stroke. Thus, a multitude of characters, shapes, flowers, and writings are staged, generating a real visual texture by overlapping. In this illustration and in my drawings in general, the intent is to ensure that the observer can linger on and read the figure autonomously through a personal visual research driven by curiosity solely.”

Simone Verdi

Pinot Nero

V 18

Cooler exposure, protected by the woods, is a delicate and velvety expression of Pinot Nero.

A journey through the Oltrepò and the Langhe.

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